Registration Open for Salalah and Sohar Only

How to become a successful business owner

This 10-day workshop is designed to offer participants the right tools and techniques to develop their feasibility study “Business plan” that covers marketing, operation, and financial aspects of their businesses.

  • The participant has to be an Omani citizen.
  • The participant has to be 20 to 35 years old.
  • The participant has to have an applicable business Idea.
  • Participants who have attended Bright Ideas workshops are preferred.
  • Capital required to start up business shouldn’t exceed R.O. 500,000.
  • Aims to develop detailed business plan for his/ her business idea.
  • Participants who have applied to get fund for their businesses are preferred.

Last day to register in Salalah and Sohar on Monday 23rd of July, 2018.